Karaoke Etiquette


DON'T list:

1.     Don't tap on, drop, or swing the microphones.  I can't be nice to people who abuse my equipment.

2.     Don't show up after 11:30 and expect to sing a lot or at all.

3.     Don't sit in the crowd and try to sing louder than the singer.  It makes you look arrogant.     

4.     Don't cup the microphone screen, it really makes you sound horrible and makes it really hard for me to adjust the microphone volume and keep it from feeding back. 

5.     Don't ask me, "When am I up next."  I sometimes get annoyed and "lose" your slip.

6.     Don't point a live microphone at a speaker, it will feed back.  Hold the microphone up even during the instrumental breaks.

7.     Don't buy alcoholic beverages for someone under 21.  You don't look good in neon orange.

8.     Don't join in on a song in progress without permission from the singer.

9.     Don't heckle the singer, it's rude.  Your mom taught you better than that. 

10.   Don't try to buy alcoholic beverages, if you are under 21.  It's illegal. 

DO list:

1.     Do applaud profusely, even if they can't sing.  They had the guts to get up there.

2.     Do fill out the song request slips completely.

3.     Do have fun, but not at other people's expense.    

4.     Do sing directly into the microphone one to six inches from your mouth.

5.     Do sing multiple songs. we enjoy your company.

6.     Do support the establishment who employs us.  Water doesn't keep me there.

7.     Do tell me if you like the show, or not.  I can take constructive criticism.

8.     Do dance if you get the urge.  Don't be shy.

9.     Do come in early.  You get to sing more. 

10.   Do tip the bartender.  They work hard to make sure you are happy. 

All of you take care and have a great week.

Alan "The Karaoke Guy"


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